My accidental day with the EDL

I went down to the EDL’s protest against the killing of/tribute to Drummer Lee Rigby on Monday. It was mostly uneventful, the police’s response calculated, if not clever, and there was little violence.

The opposite of the Thatcher party a while ago, the weather was perhaps a little too nice, making the whole thing feel a little like an (aggressive, charged) day out. People ate sandwiches, drank beer; ironically, it felt much more like a party than that event.

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#ThatcherParty [video]

The following is an account of the events in Trafalgar Square on April 13, when a group of people met to celebrate the death of Margaret Thatcher. I went along to see what happened.

First, some general thoughts. Second, a sketch of what happened. And third, a video of some of that.  


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